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At the end of November 2007, Fradelar took control of Franqueira, which had closed some time ago.

The route of Fradelar was painful and hard work, and can only get here, because always counted on the support and preference of its customers, which was not only vitally important for your success.

This is the perfect time to clarify ideas, correct strategies, action plans to improve and set goals. The Fradelar committed to hard work and determination, taking small steps but safe to put products Franqueira market again.

Fradelar employees are aware they face many obstacles, but believe that, combining the powers of the Fradelar Franqueira, will be stronger and able to follow the innovations and market trends and offer you more and better quality. This is your ultimate goal.

The Fradelar makes sense here a thank its customers for the support they always gave him, and make a plea that in future, your support and preference is even higher, because counting on them to follow his dream and revitalization of Franqueira.

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